Academic achievements

Degree in Physics

Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino (Italy) (October 2001).

The main subjects of study were: fluid dynamics; oceanography; environmental physics; theoretical physics (many-body theory); history of physics. The subject of my degree dissertation was related to indoor fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution in relation to close outdoor pollution levels.

Specialization School in Health Physics, Environment address

Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino (Italy) (July 2006)

Within the International Framework of study degrees recognition ('Bologna Process'), Italian University Ministry (MIUR) identifies it as PhD-equivalent level (ICSED6).

Together with a strong formation in environmental and atmospheric physics and environmental impact assessment, I have followed a specific course in eco-physics (held by Prof. Luigi Sertorio, former researcher at Princeton University and Los Alamos National Laboratories), dealing with non-equilibrium thermodynamics and physics of ecosystems. My degree dissertation was about a portable personal protection device to be used in industrial environments.

PhD in Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development

Università di Napoli ‘Parthenope’, Napoli (Italy) (started: Nov. 2016).

List of professional activities

September 2003 – July 2006

Trainee (environmental acoustics and industrial hygiene)

Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA Piemonte)

I have worked in two distinct fields: the road traffic noise impact on urban environment (measurements, GIS mapping, noise impact mapping); the impact of wood dust pollution on health and the development of portable personal protection devices in the wood industry.

June 2004 – October 2004

Collaboration contract.

Italian National Research Council – Institute for Sciences of the Atmosphere and Climate (CNR-ISAC), Bologna (Italy)

I developed a reference wood dust sampler to be used in the wood industry for industrial hygiene purposes.

September 2004 – February 2008


Italian National Research Council (CNR) spin-off (SME) firm Nubila S.A.S.

I worked in the development, testing and operation of a X-band microwave raingauge disdrometer (named PLUDIX) for precipitation measurements. I have also worked at its adaptation as a volcanic ash fall measurer, that has been installed for monitoring the tephra fall generated by Mt. Etna Volcano (under a National Civil Protection Dept. contract). I have  worked, as sub-contractor, for a European Space Agency (ESA) project to develop the optical and storage system for a measuring chamber for studying the conditions of aggregation of water vapour and aerosols under microgravity conditions. I managed a measuring network of PLUDIX for monitoring the precipitation and precipitation erosivity characteristics in semi-arid areas of Southern Italy. This has been done both for studying the soil depletion characteristics in relation to precipitation and the precipitable water availability for water conservation purposes, also collecting the informations about the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) on the regional primitive technologies for water storage. This has been done under the financial support of the Italian Ministry of University (MIUR) during the years 2004-2006. Finally I have developed a calculation method to be applied to the PLUDIX data for studying and monitoring the adverse weather conditions for surface transports. This has been done under a European FP6 project (WEATHER project). I started here the research on the portable protection device, which has been the object developed for my specialization school degree, under a project (of which I was responsible) that won the first prize of Regione Emilia-Romagna for innovative research.

January 2005 – December 2006

Research Associate

Italian National Research Council – Institute for Sciences of the Atmosphere and Climate (CNR-ISAC), Bologna (Italy)

I have worked for the characterisation of precipitations in the Venice Lagoon. I have also supported the research on rainfall erosivity in collaboration with Florence University and Ferrara University, installing and managing two measurement sites: one close to Florence (Montepaldi site) and one close to Torino (NW Italy - Bardonecchia Municipality).

February 2008 – February 2010

Post-doctoral research fellowship,

Physics Department, Università degli Studi di Torino

I won a post-doctoral fellowship within the Physics Department of Torino University. Here I developed a theoretical and experimental approach to the environmental impact assessment of a High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power line. In particular I had to focus my attention on the physical factors (energetics; atmospheric pollution; noise pollution; EM fields). The project TIPE, under which my Post-Doc position was created, has been financed by Regione Piemonte government.

March 2010 – June 2010

Research collaboration contract

Department of Physics, Università degli Studi di Torino

I had to coordinate the management of the final outputs of the research project TIPE.

May 2011 – December 2011

Research Scolarship

Department of Public Health and Microbiology, Università degli Studi di Torino

I won a scolarship to study the environmental and health impact of sub-micron atmospheric particles (PM1) in the metropolitan area of Torino, in relation to the emission levels and the meteorological conditions.

February 2011 – October 2016

Post-doc Researcher

Department of Sciences and Technologies, University ‘Parthenope’ of Naples

Focused on human impact on the environment. In particular, I have started to develop the study of energetics of human communities, considering the necessity of living within the planetary boundaries

January 2015 – May 2015

External Consultant

Arena Research, Graz (Austria)

I gave support to ARENA Research in organizing the practical issues connected to the workshop BIWAES 2015 (Stockholm, Sweden, 4th-7th May 2015)

March 2015 – May 2015

Research Scolarship (Funded by Lerici Foundation)

Energy Processes Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, KTH

I won a scholarship to study the energetic conditions related to the sustainability of the urban environments, with a special focus on food, aerosol emissions as a by-product of energy processes and pre-industrial communities as an example of low-carbon human settlements.

March 2015 – May 2015

External Consultant

Scientific Office, Embassy of Italy in Sweden

During this period I had to support the scientific office of the Italian Embassy in Sweden in the ongoing activities of the office, acting as connector between Italian and Swedish Scientist and with the scientific office of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden.

Previous activities

I am PhD student for the Programme “Environment, Resources and Sustainable

Development”, at University of Naples ‘Parthenope’, winning also the Minister for Research and Education (MIUR) scholarship for the position. My research project, supervised by prof. Sergio Ulgiati and by prof. Massimiliano Lega, is entitled “Urban atmospheric Particulate Matter (PM) pollution. Monitoring and investigation about origin and improvement options”.

I am working in the field of energetics of human dominated systems and ecosystems. I have also started to deepen the studies in eco-physics in collaboration with Prof. Luigi Sertorio. In particular I focused my attention on two subjects.

On one side, I started to define the theoretical background for defining the energetic interactions of human communities and the environment on the basis of a given technological level. On the other side I started to develop some basic case studies in relation to pre-industrial Italian cities (in particular the case of Siena in the XIV century) and other communities in order to understand how a low carbon society is energetically efficient. In particular, I am focusing my attention on sustainability in relation to the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of medieval monastic communities.

I have held a set of seminars along the years about this subject. I also held some seminars on precipitation studies, atmospheric aerosol pollution, hydrology, history and philosophy of physics.

In year 2014, I have been invited, as observer, to the joint workshop of the Pontifical Accademy of Sciences and the Pontifical Accademy of Social Sciences, whose theme was “Sustainable Nature, Sustainable Humanity: Our Responsibility”.

I have won a research bursary (50.000 SEK) funded by Lerici Foundation in the field of science (ecosystem energetics) to support me for a 3-months research period at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Energy Platform, in Stockholm (Sweden). I will stay in Stockholm from late February 2015.

I have been organizer of BIWAES 2015 (Biennial Workshop on Advances in Energy Studies) in Stockholm. BIWAES 2015 is a workshop endorsed, among the others, by UNEP, Club of Rome and IIASA.

Global Cleaner Production Conference & Sustainable Consumption

I am involved in supporting the organization of the Global Cleaner Production Conference & Sustainable Consumpion, organized by ELSEVIER in Sitges (Barcelona, Spain) between 1st Nov. and 4th Nov. 2015.

Teaching activity

From the Academic Year 2008/2009 to the Academic Year 2010/2011, I have been contract professor of:

1.Environmental Physics Laboratory, Master Degree in Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, University of Torino;

2.Principles and Techniques of environmental control, Bachelor Degree in Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, University of Torino;

3.Atmospheric Physics, Master degree in Environmental Chemistry, University of Torino;

4.Didactic Experiences Preparation, Master Degree in Primary Education Sciences, University of Torino.

Total: 208 hours of frontal lessons.

I have also held a set of seminars in acoustics for the Master Degree in Physics, University of Torino.

Finally I have been in charge, with a specific contract, for 75 hours of teaching support in statistics for the Bachelor Degree in Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, University of Torino.

During the Academic Year 2010/2011, I have been visiting professor of hydrology for the Master Degree in Meteorology, Dept. of Meteorology and Geophysics of Köln University (Germany). This 16-hours set of lessons has been financed under European Funds ERASMUS 'Teaching Staff).

Between years 2002 and 2014 I have tutored 25 Physics Master Degree Thesis candidates, 2 PhD thesis (one in metrology and one in atmospheric physics).

I have been co-supervisor both of 2 Bachelor Degree candidates in Science for Cultural Heritage and 2 Master Degree candidates (one in Physics and one in Science of Primary Education).

Finally I have been also supervisor of 2 Bachelor Degree candidates (one in Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage and one in Engineering).

Visiting Professor - Beijing Normal University

I have been invited to hold a short international course about atmospheric aerosol pollution at Beijing Normal University (1st - 20th Dec. 2015).

Editorial Activity


Frontiers in Environmental Informatics (a section of Frontiers in Environmental Science)

Energy Policy (Guest Editor)

Journal of Cleaner Production (Guest Editor)


Journal of Arid Environments (Elsevier);

Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier);

Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier);

Ecological Indicators (Elsevier);

Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management (David Publishing)


I have a specific expertise in:

1.Aerosol science and technology, in relation to air quality measurements (both indoor and outdoor);

2.Microphysics of precipitations, with a specific interest in field precipitation measurements;

3.Meteorological field measurements

4.Energetics of ecosystems;

5.Environmental history, with a specific focus on pre-industrial communities energetics;

6.Environmental and musical acoustics;

7.History and philosophy of physics.

Leadership and management

Since my Master Degree thesis in physics, I started to support the activities of the environmental physics laboratory inside the Physics Department of Torino University.

I participated to my first international congress, held in Rome University “La Sapienza” (International Conference on Atmospheric Research Progress and More dedicated to Professor Giorgio Fiocco on his 70th birthday) one month before my Degree, in September 2001.

I started the collaboration with the 'History and Didactics of Physics Seminars', funded by Prof. Carlo Castagnoli in 1968 inside my Department. Between years 2002 and 2013 I have held 11 seminars on different subjects: environmental physics, history and philosophy of physics, eco-physics.

I assisted with the organization of two international conferences: 14th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitations (ICCP) (Bologna, 19th-23th July 2004); Euromediterranean Representative Basins (ERB) 2004 (Turin, 13th-17th October 2004);  International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) XXIV General Assembly: Earth, Our Changing Planet (Perugia, 2nd-13th July 2007).

During my work in the spin-off firm 'Nubila S.A.S.' I won the first prize for an innovative technological research (on a portable personal protection device for the respiratory ways) in a tender of Regione Emilia-Romagna government (Italy).

During the years I have been in charge for different responsibilities inside regional, national and international research projects:

Funded research projects (Responsible – PI)

Aria da Pioggia, funded by Piemonte Regional government. About the impact of aerosol pollution on precipitation extreme events. Years 2008 – 2010. Amount: € 20,000.00

Funded research project (Project writer; co-PI and vicar coordinator)

T.I.P.E. (Transmission Infrastructure for Power Exchange) Funded by Piemonte Regional government (Call for industrial research and innovation, year 2006). About the environmental impact assessment of a HVDC power line. Years 2007 – 2010. Amount: € 735,300.00

Sub-contract (Responsible - PI)

ICAPS (Interactions in Cosmic and Atmospheric Particle Systems).

Funded by European Space Agency. About the development of an optical measuring chamber. Years 2004-2005.

RIADE (Integrated Research for the application of technologies and innovative tools for combating the desertification).

Funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and University (MIUR). Years 2004-2006.

European Projects (steering – scientific committee)

WEATHER (Wind Early Alarm system for Terrestrial transportation).

Funded by European Union, FP6, CRAFT Project (Project Code: CT-2004-512862).Years 2004-2007.

Outreach activities


“Musica mundana: musica e astronomia nel medioevo e oltre…”

Astronomic observatory, Luserna S. Giovanni (TO), 27th Jan. 2001, 9 pm

This lesson was about the relations between music and astronomy in the Medieval Age.

“Clima, nubi e precipitazioni”

Training course for mountain protection and naturalistic operators

Italian Alpine Club (CAI). 21st Apr. 2007

Castello Borello - Bussoleno (TO), HQ Italian Meteorological Society (SMI)

“Incertezze riguardanti le conoscenze sul clima”

Didactic conference “Pianeta Terra”

Astronomic observatory, Montecorvino Rovella (SA), 14th Dec. 2007

“Possibilità di vita nei pianeti con o senza stella”

Meeting “Universus”

Astronomic Observatory, Montecorvino Rovella (SA)

Sala Convegni Banca di Credito Cooperativa di Montecorvino Rovella, 26th July 2008, 6 pm

Piazza Padre Giovanni da Montecorvino, 27th July 2008, 9pm

“Clima, nubi, precipitazioni e inquinamento atmosferico: esperienze didattiche sull’elemento acque piovane”

Classe IV, Scuola Primaria “E. Fenoglio”, Ciriè (TO), 1st Apr. 2009.

Financed by Piemonte Regional Government (Environment Directorate) within the project “Aria da Pioggia”.

This cycle of lessons was focused on the experimental determination of water cycle and the alteration of precipitation processes due to atmospheric pollution, with specific interest about the atmospheric aerosol.


Environmental characterization of fine particulate matter. 22nd Jan. 2002

Extreme precipitation events in Piedmont region, Italy. 5th Feb. 2002

PM2.5: indoor/outdoor ratio of mass concentrations. 11th Feb. 2003

The raingauge-disdrometer. 2nd Dec. 2004

Astronomy and observational optics in the work of Francesco Maria Grimaldi SJ. 9th Jan 2007

1860: the Karlsruhe congress. 1st Feb. 2011.

The Jesuits' contribution to modern research and didactics of physical sciences. 31st Jan 2012.

The time arrow (together with Prof. Angelo Piano). 7th Feb. 2012.

To be an environmental physicist in the time of post-normal science (together with Prof. Angelo Piano). 12th Mar. 2013.

The necessity of a new approach about energy. 19th Mar. 2013

From sustainability to self-consistency. 28th Jan. 2014

Sustainability and human ecology: a physical perspective. 20th Jan. 2015

Living within planetary boundaries. 19th Jan. 2016

Evolutive physics and the axiomatization of Socio-Ecological Systems. 6th Dec. 2016


Physical and chemical characterization of atmospheric aerosol: 40 years of experience of GEOFIT group. Koeln University. 1st June 2011.

Living Under a Rule: Early Latin Monasticism as a Case Study of Low-Carbon Sustainable Communities. Environmental Humanities Laboratory, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. 22nd Apr. 2015.

Why does energy matter?. Department of Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management, Beijing Normal University, Beijing (China). 02nd Dec. 2015

Environmental history and archaeology as tools for better understanding Socio-Ecological Systems. Department of Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management, Beijing Normal University, Beijing (China). 14th Dec. 2015

Facing the challenge of sustainability trough socio-ecology and ecophysics. Department of Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang (China). 17th Dec. 2015

Aerosol pollution – an old concern with new implications. Biotechnologies, Chemistry and Pharmacy Department, University of Siena. 31st May 2016

Towards a panevolutionary theory (PanEvo Theory). Siena Academy of Sciences. 31st May 2016